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Theology Pub

Theology Pub is designed to provide a setting in which you can feel free to explore questions you weren’t sure it was okay to ask in church. Questions like: How should we view God? Do other religions provide legitimate paths to

School of Love

This story originally appeared in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette on February 20, 2016,  by Religion reporter, Laurinda Joenks. Roger Joslin tells a love story — the love of his church, his congregants, his community and everyone’s God. The Rev.

Todos Los Santos

LA IGLESIA EPISCOPAL DE TODOS LOS SANTOS SOMOS UNA IGLESIA SIN MUROS Y SIN PAREDES          Sencillamente porque Jesús era así, bendecía a todos, daba  de comer a todos, se compadecía, perdonaba y daba la bienvenida a todos. Escuchaba a